ACTS Introduction

Intuitive Mastery starts here!


At the home of Founders June d’Estelle and Peter Navarro

The Alohem Center for Transformational Studies is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational support resource center. It offers guidance on various levels of intuitive learning and mastery and helps participants to discover expanded consciousness, personal transformation and integrative wellness. Our uniquely powerful series of guided-meditation workshops uses time-honored techniques to assist participants with broadening their own intuitive awareness, the source of all creativity and innate knowing.

Our Illuminated Mind Seminars and Mastership Retreats help participants cultivate intuitive skills and attune to states of awareness that enhance practical, creative and spiritual growth. Simple techniques introduce new levels of conscious awareness, deepening connections to all life within this world and beyond. Participants may overcome barriers to success and learn how to focus practical skills more effectively. Individuals tend to realize their creative blueprint for life based upon their own journey of personal discovery.

Alohem members come from many walks of life, religious backgrounds, and cultural traditions, united by a common love for experiential truth. We celebrate our diversity and know we can accomplish more when we work together. We do not tell anyone what to believe. We only point the way for participants to discover their own personal insights. Join with others to develop unique talents and fields of expertise.  Create broader opportunities to be of service within your community.

What can you learn in a single weekend?

  • reduce stress
  • greater mental clarity
  • boost productivity
  • improve relationships
  • manifest life-long dreams

Personal growth is naturally empowering and bring inspiration to life.  What’s more, we meet new friends and discover many new things in various fields of practical discipline.  This includes holistic health and natural wellness alternatives.  Our seasoned teaching methods are designed to expand creative potential and integrate mind-body-spirit connections at a pace that is right for each person.  They are free of dogma and judgment.

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To learn about our teaching methods please refer to our Meditation Standards.