Learn more about our faculty and other resources. The Alohem Center operates with consensus-based leadership. Those who have completed the Illuminated Mind Seminars and who have attended at least one Mastership Retreat are considered vested members of the General Council. Figuratively, all members form a circle whereby each person has an equal importance and voice in forging decisions for our community. Our logo, the Flower of Life, shows how we interact together to create a whole.

We call our governing Board of Directors our administrative or Leadership Council. Elected members of this Council lovingly serve to maintain and guide all ACTS activities but all members of the Alohem Community are welcome to be part of this process. Council Meetings are held just before each Mastership Retreat and elections of Council positions are held at our at our Spring Mastership Retreat. Click on the Leadership Council tab to see a listing of our presiding members.

Facilitators are those who are authorized to conduct the Illuminated Mind Seminars. Members who wish to become Facilitators are certified after successfully completing Facilitators’ Training requirements and must attend at least one Mastership Retreat each year to remain in good standing.


At this time, these members are authorized to facilitate Illuminated Mind Seminars:

Debra & Jeff Scheschy – Eureka, Montana

Frances Allden – White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Judith Conrad – Eugene, OregonRob Douglass – Orlando, Florida

Greg Fraser – Boise, Idaho

Dominique Glaub – Bremerton, Washington

Carole Glenn – Suquamish, Washington

Peggy Muncaster –  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Licia Seaman – Portland, Oregon

Robert Douglass – Orlando, Florida

For a list of available Facilitators and options in your area please Contact Us.