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Introduction to Illuminated Mind Seminars

Gain Life Mastery!

Our coursework includes a program of workshops that build towards intuitive awareness and spiritual mastery. This material is open to anyone with a personal motivation to learn and explore more about themselves and their relationship to the multi-dimensional worlds around them. A wide audience, ranging from teenagers to retirees, have discovered new ways to tap inner creative potential, which in turn leads to personal empowerment and the development of latent talents and abilities.

Each of the Illuminated Mind Seminars offers a pleasant blend of knowledge and experience. The intuitive techniques you learn are easy to do, amazing, and fulfilling. They guide both the novice and experienced intuitive through a powerful and joyous journey of spiritual discovery, personal awakening and intuitive mastery.

Introductory Video

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These seminars were created by internationally acclaimed master teacher, spiritual guide, author and visionary, Dr. June d’Estelle. She believes that through this coursework, anyone can discover their divine blueprint for life. Skills taught include: the art of the medical intuitive, telepathy and communication, stress control, remote assessment, creativity, deep meditation, awareness projection, habit changes, creative tools for daily use, and much more.

The Illuminated Mind Seminars are presently taught by our certified Facilitators throughout the country and are typically conducted over a two-day weekend workshop. Visit the Calendar for a listing of available workshops and locations.