Illumination Seminar

Developing Intuitive Mastery

Prerequisite: Intuitive Mastery

The Illumination Seminar is the next step in this accelerated journey to higher awareness, designed to enable Intuitive Mastery students to reach deeper levels of awareness and spiritual power. It meticulously prepares you to integrate increasing amounts of spiritual energy into your Core Being. You are empowered to safely mesh with much more exalted vibrational frequencies and to embrace more highly expanded states of consciousness.

The course has three main focuses:

  •  clearing conditions which may hinder your inner growth
  • mastery of advanced skills
  • awakening exalted new and unexplored dimensions of your Being

During the seminar you will be guided through a number of breakthrough initiatory experiences, culminating in a beautiful ceremony in which you meet your Higher Self. By the end of the course, you will be in touch with a whole new realm of Higher Guidance, with a deeper understanding of your own nature. You will have grown immeasurably in your capacity to govern your own life.

As you advance in consciousness, a healthy body and a supportive environment are essential for optimum growth. In this seminar you will work from both the inner and the outer dimensions, learning ways to create these ideal conditions. All of the skills which you learned in Intuitive Mastery will now be far more effective.

In addition, you will command remarkable new abilities. If you wish, by diligent application of the techniques taught, you may consciously alter your bodily form and functions. For example, many people use their increased powers to overcome hair loss, correct their vision, redesign body proportions, or reverse the aging process.

In summary you will receive:

  • Theta awareness – reaching and maintaining the theta level
  • Correlation of Color and Sound to the inner mind and finer bodies of consciousness
  • Removal of psychic disturbances from your environment and setting of intention
  • Information on nutrition and its effect on the psyche
  • Introduction to your spirit counselor-guides
  • Experience of time travel – remote viewing the past and present
  • Transformation of emotions and their blocks within consciousness
  • Freedom from attachments to the past and reformatting past memories
  • Uplifting of all relationships and healing of negativity
  • Clearance of mental and emotional blocks to endeavors and accomplishments
  • Rejuvenation of the body’s “aging” process
  • Perfection of skills using the power of the mind

We hope you will join us in one of the greatest of all adventures, the accelerated journey in quest of the Self.

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