Intuitive Mastery Seminar

Prerequisites: none

This unique, accelerated workshop focuses on transformation and change through basic techniques that awaken your immense inner power. Proven step-by-step experiential processes attune you rapidly to higher states of consciousness.

  • Attain deep relaxation
  • Reach meditative states at will for stress control and pain release
  • Improve your sleep and memory
  • Resolve problems and change negative habits
  • Enhance creativity
  • Find answers within – keys to studying and learning new material effectively
  • Enhance self-direction through conscious control of your life
  • Develop intuitive assessment
  • Tap into higher guidance
  • Increase your creativity and thought processes on ideas
  • Experience awareness projection into other dimensions
  • Meet angelic and spiritual guides and teachers
  • Connect with others energetically via telepathy

You can gain greater depth of experience through the repetition of the techniques. Many students repeat this seminar multiple times, gaining new uplifting experiences each time.

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Peggy Meditating