Mastership Retreats

Participants eligible upon successful completion of the 3 previous seminars

 Prerequisites: Intuitive Mastery, Illumination and Transformation. Masterships are the culmination of the Illuminated Mind Seminars series. Innovative, pioneering, experiental, this stellar gathering of highly activated individuals meets four times a year in five-day residential intensives to explore the frontiers of human consciousness. Since 2020 our program now offers one of the first opportunities to help participants naturally elevate the mind to gamma-level brainwave states without external accommodation, something only Tibetan and Zen Buddhist masters were known to accomplish.

Together we anchor and integrate the great celestial energies and higher frequencies of the incoming New Heaven and New Earth. Interfacing our personal energies into the Alohem dimension of consciousness we experience the cutting edge of spiritual discovery. Gatherings are joyous celebrations, each evolving from all those preceding.

Due to the unique, transcendent and exalted nature of these events, many participants attend these invitational programs regularly.

Camp Indianola, Washington, is one of our favorite retreat centers