Testimonials for Illuminated Mind Seminars

Here are a few  testimonials from our students

The Alohem techniques allow me to pursue my own connection with sacred source without dogma or “churchy” stuff to get in the way. The tools learned in the Intuitive Mind Seminars are remarkably easy to use and satisfying, yet help me to better assess my strengths and life goals. Not being superficially mental exercises, this work effectively accesses our emotional and intuitive cores for lasting transformational change. I lead an example, sharing that mission with others as we move into the 21st century – straddling a line that honors both rational science and an intuitive connection to divine truths. I have found no other program quite like this. Each person is free to experience their own personal truth, yet we need supportive and non-judgmental community to help mirror and refine our perspectives and beliefs along the way. This brilliant concept is a keeper for those who are ready to take charge of their lives!

Rob Douglass

Orlando, Florida

Dr. June d’Estelle is a seasoned travelor in the mystical realm of human potential. She is also a skilled guide and refined teacher with a heart of pure gold. The Illuminated Mind offers practical, hands-on, easy to digest practices that will enable you to develop your intuitive powers and discover the blazing light of creativity residing within you.

Kira Rosner

Author of The Power of Being Human & When Souls Take Flight, Deerfield Beach, Florida

I have been participating in June’s workshops and retreats for over 30 years. It has become a spiritual family – dear friends meditating together and soaring into heights of spiritual discovery. These are practical tools for healing and life-changes. I love it!  Sadly, June has retired but the group, the meditations, the inspired teachings, the friendships live on.

Peggy Muncaster

Victoria, British Columbia

I was skeptical during my first class I attended, sponsored by ACTS. By the end of the last day I knew that I had witnessed something inexplicable and compelling. Since then I have found a spiritual family and a spiritual voice that I never would have anticipated. To say it has changed my life is an understatement.

Greg Fraser

Boise, Idaho

Alohem inspires the journey within to meet yourself.

When the harshness of life buries my soul under a layer of gloom, Alohem opens a window and allows a gentle breeze to cleanse it, then brings in the sun to warm me.

Cynthia Towner

Kingston, Washington

The Illuminated Mind Seminars gave me practical and easily accessible techniques which unblocked my intuition and creativity, transformed my vision for my life, and boosted my confidence to pursue that vision. The seminar facilitators created an accepting, enthusiastic atmosphere that allowed me to freely explore the techniques, while their nurturing encouragement strengthened my intuitive skills.

Douglas Dammarell

Art teacher, Larkspur, California

People come together to learn, grow, heal and meditate together with specific metaphysical teachings…to become a stronger light in the world and to fully live our life purpose. I have found this to be a loving, supportive community – a collective of many skills and resources, as well as love and support.


April 25, 2016