The Alohem Method

Hansville, WA, Mastership participants forming heart shape later to be put on sweat shirts.  (Like herding cats, we think!)

Most mystery schools use specific techniques for quieting the emotional mind and the rational mind so that intuitive awareness may flow unimpeded from its source of universal consciousness. Ultimately, we must learn how to integrate both our rational and intuitive minds to ensure success in expanding consciousness.

This is our fundamental human birthright!

The Illuminated Mind Seminars introduce students to the tools that quiet the mind while simultaneously training intuitive faculties to incorporate wisdom from our subtle-energy fields of awareness. This forges a more complete understanding of integrated consciousness. Science is uncovering the truth of these age-old techniques and the presence of deeper fields of awareness. These tools allow us to make substantial and effective strides in personal behavior modification and goal realization.

How we teach this is not a mystery. It is an ancient science of understanding using tools you’ve always possessed but forgot you had. Our focus is less on ‘explaining’ and more about ‘experiencing‘ your perception of reality, doing so within a shared group dynamic. In this way your unfolding awareness of connections to all things becomes greatly accelerated. These new tools automatically draw people to healing modalities and the desire to eliminate negative and hurtful influences from their lives. These tendencies are natural expressions of awakening consciousness and you will learn to control this process in your own life activities!

As a meditation tool, the key to the Alohem Method is to allow participants to enter into a conscious deep-meditative state, at will, while guided by a facilitator. However, participants are not told what or how experiences are to be revealed. Therefore, experiences are entirely unique to each participant. This form of experiential wisdom is the hallmark of our work and has proven highly effective. Participants can then incorporate revealed wisdom into their life’s experiential awareness as they see fit and, thus, free of dogma.

One further note regarding dogma. The Alohem program is less structured when it comes to teaching about the various behavior-modification regimens that often accompany many traditional mystery school programs. For the sake of universality and in order to reach larger audiences in much shorter periods of time in today’s hectic world, we have opted to stick with our meditation cycles as our primary focus. This encourages participants with a minimum of helpful guidance on protocols than would otherwise be required for this field of study. We trust participants to declare their own personally-validated path in this regard, with input from our team only when keen observations warrant or when asked.

Hansville, WA, Mastership group.  Note two light pink sweat shirts with heart design