“The Illuminated Mind” by June d’Estelle

“The Illuminated Mind is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to further develop their intuitive abilities. I am an intuition development trainer and June is one of my teachers. She has a heart of gold and is a genuine person who has spent her entire life devoted to the study of self-development. She is a treasure to all who know her and her book could easily become a classic in this field.

Dawn Lianna, MA, NLP”

Suggested reading in preparation for all our seminars, The Illuminated Mind  teaches a potent step-by-step method of self-mastery designed to tap the awesome potential within you.

With clarity and simplicity, a series of procedures proven effective in seminars throughout the world will allow you to fully realize your personal power and competency in the world, enable you to take firm control of the practical affairs of daily life, help you achieve and maintain psychological and emotional balance permanently, and open the doorway of your mind to a higher consciousness embodying greater joy, love and eternal truth.

June d’Estelle, Ph.D., gifted teacher and spiritual guide, has led thousands of students worldwide through the inner journey described within these covers. Use this book to achieve the tangible, lasting results of the Illuminated Mind Seminars in your own time and at your own pace.

Available now in Kindle and hardcopy formats!

While June was writing the book, Alohemer Dr. Scott Rogers camped out in June’s backyard to offer assistance as needed.

Be the master of your living experience! June’s Book condenses information and techniques that allow a person to easily and comprehensibly guide, govern and control the events in their life. It contains a wealth of new perspectives.

Clark Crawford

Airline Captain, retired

Dr. June d’Estelle is a seasoned travelor in the mystical realm of human potential. She is also a skilled guide and refined teacher with a heart of pure gold. The Illuminated Mind offers practical, hands-on, easy to digest practices that will enable you to develop your intuitive powers and discover the blazing light of creativity residing within you.

Kira Rosner

Author of "The Power of Being Human and When Souls Take Flight"