Transformation Seminar

Integrating Higher Levels of Intuitive Mastery

Prerequisites: Intuitive Mastery & Illumination

The Intuitive Mastery and Illumination seminars are intensive courses that guide students gently and rapidly through progressive initiatory exercises, condensing into days teachings that previously demanded years or even lifetimes of study and dedication. These preparatory workshops lay a secure foundation for higher spiritual work of the Transformation seminar.

In the Transformation seminar, experienced students come together to focus on personal self-mastery and fine attunement of the transcendent reaches of the higher mind. The seminar consists of enjoyable, initiatory exercises that quicken and awaken you into higher aspects of Being, and bring your personal energies into fine alignment with the higher (finer) dimensions of consciousness.

What is covered in the Transformation seminar?

  • Discover whatever impinges upon on one’s freedom to live life to its fullest, learn to clear those impediments
  • Awaken undiscovered aspects of yourself, discover your true talents
  • Learn to make correct decisions by foreseeing the results of various choices
  • Attain a deep and lasting bonding with members of the group and the Alohem Family
  • Learn new methods of establishing understanding and empathy with others
  • View events from a vaster perspective
  • Experience of our incoming new world
  • Discover your higher mission and purpose
  • Encounter exciting feats of self-discovery

This workshop is greatly empowering, richly rewarding, and usually propels a participant’s life into fulfilling new directions. As with Intuitive Mastery and Illumination, you are encouraged to repeat Transformation and reap new dividends with each seminar experience.

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Licia providing Introduction to meditation